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Chicken karaage is an all time favorite food for everyone and it’s one of the most appetizing menus that go with white rice.

In this time, I use a frozen moment tofu instead of  a boneless chicken thigh, so it is healthy like the vegetarian diet, or the Buddhist cuisine!!

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It is wonderfully delicious when it is fried crispy, so let’s eat straight away when it’s done!

ingredients( about for 2 persons):

momen tofu…1 (abour 300g)…first, need to freeze it

soy sauce and sake…each 1.5 Table spoons

1 block of ginger

salt & pepper…a dash of

flour… more than 3 Table spoons

How to make:

1, Freeze the momen tofu;  cut a corner of the tofu packet a little, and throw away the water inside, then freeze it in your freezer.

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2, Thawed out the froen momen tofu, then cut the tofu into bit-size pieces by your hands, and squeeze water out of the tofu.

3, Put the tofu into a bowl and add the juice of the grated ginger, soy sauce, sake, salt, and pepper  into the same bowl, then mix them well.

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4, coat the seasoned tofu with flour, then fry the chicken at 160˚C to 170˚C, until crisp  and the karaage is ready to eat.

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Itadakimasu! & gochisousama!

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