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July is here. Let’s get through the hot summer by eating healthy food!

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ingredients( about for 3-4 pieces):


potatos…230g ( about 2 medium potatos)

smoked slice of bacon…1 or more if you would like

potate starch( Thick soup )…2Tbsp

salt…a dash of

you can add chopped cannned tuna fish instead of the bacon!

How to make:

1, drain the tofu well…not know how to drain it? click below!

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Tofu steak with plenty of garlic and green onion(spring onion)

2, cut the bacon( or crumb tuna fish) into small pieces.

3,steam or boil potatoes in a pan or in microwave, then mush them in a bowl after peeling. Do not overcook when you cook them in microwave.

4, add bacons, drained tofu, potato starch, and salt into the same bawl. Mix them well in each time.

5,separate them into 3-4 pieces( if you would like smaller cake, you can separate them into more pieces), then press them about 1cm thick by using your hands.

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6,Heat the cooking-oil in a grill pan over medium-high heat, then lay the (5), and cook them until each surfaces are grilled crisply.

5,you can put ketchup on cooked cakes if you would like!

itadakimasu! & gochisousama! 

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