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it is too muggy!  I would eat to chilled something on a day like this…

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Ingredients( for 2 persons):

Soft tofu( silken tofu)…1( about 300g)

Cherry tomatoes…3

Chinese parsley…a suitable amount

Slice of lemon…a suitable amount

A: grating garlic…1 clove of

A: nampla…3Tbsp

A: lemon juice…2Tbsp

A: sugar…1tbs




How to make:

1,Add “A” into a bowl, and stir them well.

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2,Drain a tofu lightly, then cut it into eight equal parts.

3,Put them on a plate, then arrange the relishes in the order of: Chinese parsley, round sliced cherry tomato, lemon slices from bottom.

4,Pour “1” to “3”.

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That’s all! It is very easy, isn’t it?

Itadakimasu! & Gochisousama!

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