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July 7th night is Tanabata festival in Japan, so how about arrange your table for the night with this marinade?

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Ingredients( about 4persons):

momen tofu…1(about 300g)

prosciutto…around 15sheets

asparagus…about 3

milling fineness rock salt…to taste

A: EV olive oil…120ml( 1/2 cup)

A: lemon juice…3Tbsp

A: sugar…1tbs

A: salt…1/2tbs

A: white pepper…a dash of

How to make:

1, drain the tofu well…in this time, to drain it, not using a microwave.

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Layer 2 paper towels on top of one anoter, and wrap the block of tofu insaide. Lightly weight the tofu down, leave it for about 1-2 hours then drain until the thickness becomes about 1/2.




2, cut the drained tofu at the half of the thickness, then cut out with your favorite mold.

3, Add “A” into a bowl or something like that, and stir them well. Then, soak “2” with this marinade sauce for 1 night.

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4, cut off asparagus’ bottoms, and peel them by peeler when their peels are hard. After that, boil them with a little salt, and let them cool down. Cut them half length, then, cut them lengthwise in 4 equal parts.

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5, arrange the asparagus, prosciutto, and the tofu on the plate, then pour the marinade sauce and sprinkle the milling fineness rock over them.

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That’s all! Try it!

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