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Do you know Japanese food “ shabu-shabu” ?

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Shabu-shuabu is a kind of a hot pot. You soak raw and sliced meat of beef in hot water of a pot for a short time, and eat the meat with a special sauce and vegetable boiled in the pot, so less oil and healthy dish!




Today, I made salad with  shabu-shabu meat. Try it!


Ingredients( about for 2 persons)

Beef( paper-thin)…100g



Mesclun greens

White wine…50cc

A: grapefruit juice…2+1/2 Tbsp

A: olive oil…2 Tbsp

A: lemon juice…1 Tbsp

A: sugar…1/2 tbs

A: salt & pepper…a dash of




How to make:

1, Slice onion thinly, then take the time to sprinkle a little bit of salt over it, and drain the water it well.

2, Combine with A ingredients.

3, Soak raw and sliced meat of beef in hot water added white wine of a pot for a short time until it is cooked, then cool it with water with ice. Drain the water off it well.

4, Put drained onion, cooked beef into a plastic bag, and add combine A ingredients to soak and to knead them. Then, chill the bag in the refrigerator for 30min-1hour.

5, Peel each grapefruit segments, and chill the grape fruit and mesclum greens in the refrigerator.

6, Mix contents of the plastic bag, grapefruit, and mesclum greens immediately before eating, then, arrange them in a plate.

That’s all!

Enjoy the dish! itadakimashu! & gochisousama!

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