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salmonmarineThe natural sweetness of the vegetables soften the tartness.

You can use your favorite vegetables!











Ingredients(about for 2 person)

Salted salmon fillet…2

Japanese leak…1/2( when you cannot get it, you can use green onion( spring onion) or Scallion, or, of course just onions!)

Ginger…1 piece

Yellow bell pepper…1/2

A: red hot pepper…1

A: vinegar…about 1/2cup(100ml)

A: salt…1tsp

A: sugar…1Tbsp

A: soy sauce…1tsp

Frying oil…as needed.

How to make:

1, cut the Japanese leak at an angle into thin pieces. Cut the ginger into slices, cut the yellow bell pepper into bite-size, thin diagonal pieces.

2, Soak the red pepper in lukewarm water until soft. Remove the seeds. Then, cut into thin pieces.

3, Combine with rest of the A ingredients , then add the vegetables and mix well.

4, heat oil in a flying pan in high temperature( between to 170-180 degrees), and fry the salmon in hot oil golden brown.

5, Pour off the oil, and while still hot, add the combined A ingredients and left it seep into the salmon.


That’s all!  itadakimashu! & gochisousama! 

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