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As I have wrote before, Japanese often eat light and plain food like somen nudle in summer for the muggy weather of japan.

About somen, click here!


However, just only somen, we get protein shortage easily, so we need to pay attention to the nutritional balance.

Then, I made this somen; healthy and high nutririon values!

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Ingredients( for 2 portions):

Chicken meat(breast or thigh)…about 150g

Your favorite vegetables( I used eggplant, pumpkin, sweet potato, lotus root, and  perilla( Japanese herb like basils))…total amount about 200g

Salt…a dash of

Sesame oil…1Tbsp

Potato starch…1Tbsp


Noodle soup

Citron fruit…1 fruit

How to make:

1, cut into slivers the meat into bite-size pieces, then lightly salted and sprinkle potato starch. Cut all vegetables except perilla into bite-size pieces( about 5mm thin), submerge in cold water to eliminate bitterness and drain them.Cut the citron fruit in round slices.

2, grille the chicken with sesame oil on medium heat, skin side firstly, then turn over until both sides get brown and cooked completely.

After cooked the chicken, pour off the oil, and while still hot, put them into a sauce container.

3, cook vegetables(except perilla) same as chicken.









4, leave them to cool for 10 minutes( add lemon slices to them), then cover it with plastic wrap. Cool it in the refrigerator until right before eating.









5, boil somen and cool it with cold water, drain. Arrange the somen, marinade vegetables in the plate. Arrange perilla on them , Then, pour the marinade sauce over them.

That’s all!

 itadakimashu! & gochisousama! 

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