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As I mentioned about the Chrysanthemum festival, people who celebrate it pray their health and longevity. 


Before, people who lived at the Imperil Court used to put raw cottons on the chrysanthemum in this festival eve( Sep. 8th night) to expose them to the night-dew for absorbing the dew. We called the event “kisewata” in Japanese. It means a flower wears a cotton.




Next morning, people patted their faces with the wet raw cottons. It is because they believed in the paranormal power of the dew like as the elixir of like which was possessed by the chrysanthemum power…



Of course, I think most of people in Japan don’t believe in the power, but a few things still linger in the Japanese tea ceremony or the Japanese art of flower arrangement.










These are Japanese confectioneries shaped the chrysanthemum with the raw cotton, confectioneries just shaped the chrysanthemum, and the modern flower arrangement.










People might pray their health through them in the present tme…could be.

I wish your health may continue “forever!!!”


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Hi, it is also muggy here japan…how are you all?

I went the tea ceremony in the last weekend. The time that I spend at the ceremony always give me bracing feeling…I hope you can feel this atmosphere someday…

Anyway, the meaning of the hanging scroll is “The ordinary mind is the way”, Zen terminology (Zen word).


In the summer ceremony, a leaf of paper mulberry is sometimes used in place of the formal lid of a water container, for the cool looking.

Today’s confectioneries: shaped morning glory. Also other dried confectioneries; shaped stream of water, shell, and like Japanese rice cracker made from wheat gluten.  Gokigenyo!









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Have you ever eaten japanese confectionery DANGO?

We have many kinds of  tastes in sweet DANGO, but the most popular one is “Mitarashi” flavor…using soy sauce and sugar…it is very japanese taste!

I think Japanese sweets store never use tofu in making the mitarashi  DANGO, but I made it.  This sweet tofu DANGO is as good as normal DANGO, so try it!


Ingredients ( about 24 balls):

gultainous rice flour…120g

rice flour…80g

silken tofu…250-280g

A:soy sauce…30cc( 1oz)



A:sweet sake “mirin”( if you can get it )…1Tbsp

A:potato starch…1Tbsp




How to make:

1, In a bawl, mix the flour and 250g of tofu well until the dough becomes as soft as an earlobe. When it is still hard, add tofu more little by little.







2, divide the dough into small pieces of the same size, and form them into shapes of small balls.






3, heat water in a pan and add the balls when it is at a boil. After adding the balls, stir the pan and wait until they float. When all the balls have floated, boil 2 minutes more to make sure, then remove them from the pan and cool them in cold water in a very short time, and drain them immediately.






4, make sauce( we call it “ mitarashi-sauce” in Japanese); mix all A ingredients in a small pan, heat it on a low heat until a little boiled.






5, pour the sauce over DANGO. If you would like, you should  brown DANGO a little in a frying pan before poring the sauce over them.


1itadakimashu! & gochisousama!

スクリーンショット 2013-06-20 11.36.54

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 The meaning of the hanging scroll is the letters of ‘A Song made by Li Po.




The text of it sounds cool,  and it is perfect for summer, don’t you think so?







“The Cataract in view ” by Li Po

The sun burns Mount Lu in purple haze
The torrent leaps headlong to my amaze
The cataract is three thousands feet tall
As though the sky let the Galaxy fall.
This lacquered tea powder box’s motif is a cartwheel of a cattle-drawn carriage, “Genji-guruma” in Japanese.
and….Today’s confectionery ; jelly shaped goldfish bowl.
have a nice day!

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I made Japanese cafe style green tea “matcha” bavarois,  I love this taste! try it!


Ingredients( about 2 portions)

Matcha…10g(about 1/3oz)

Boiled water…3Tbsp

Egg yolk…2

Milk…200cc( a little less than 1cup)

Granulated sugar…60g( 2oz)

Powderd gelatin…5g( 1/5oz)

Whipping cream…150cc( a little more than 2/3cup)




For decolation;

Whipping cream…50cc( about 1/4cup)

Condensed milk…10g(about 2Tbsp)

Your favorite fruits like as strawberries, canned peaches, grapes, marron glace, sweet beans, and so on

How to make;

1. In a bowl, mix and soak the gelatin and water. In another bowl, mix the matcha powder and boiled water until the paste becomes smooth. Set aside.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-24 17.50.39






2. In a pan, combine the egg yolks, sugar, milk, and mix well.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-24 17.50.46






3. Heat the pan on low heat, cook and stair until a little thickens, taking care not to let the milk boil as the yolks will harden. Remove from the heat and cool slightly.

4. Add the gelatin, matcha paste, and mix well .

5, Strain them with a fine mesh strainer once. Place the pan in a large bowl of iced water to let it cool.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-24 17.50.52






7. Lightly whip the cream and fold into the mixture. Pour into mold and refrigerate until set.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-24 17.51.00






8. Serve with your favorite fruit and syrup.

I mixed condensed milk and whipping cream, and whipped them.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-24 17.51.06














The bavarois will look more attractive if you slightly tilt the glasses when you put them in the refrigerator.

like this…


      itadakimashu! & gochisousama!スクリーンショット 2013-06-20 11.36.54

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I am craving cool and plain food when it is hot like today!

This soy milk tofu is high-protain and healthy.












Pure soy milk…500ml…2 cup


Non-dairy whippable cream…50ml…about a little less than 1/4cup

Powder agar( vegetable gelatin)…8g

Gelatin sheet…5g



Your favorite syrup…suitable amount( Japanese likes brown sugar syrup)

How to make:

1, soak the gelatin in water until you can scoop up the soften gelatin by your finger. Not soak it too long as dissolved completely.







2, boil water in a pan on heat, add sugar, salt and agar, boil and stair well until melting completely.







3, remove the pan from heat, and leave it for 2min.

4, add 1 cup of pure soy milk to the pan, then heating the pan again.

5, boil them on low heat, add the soften gelatin sheet, and boil and stair well again to melt them well.







6, turn off the heat, add the rest of soy milk and whippable cream, stair them well.

7, strain them.







8, pour them into mold, leave and let it cool about for 15minutes, then chill it in the refrigerator.






9. enjoy it! Pour your favorite syrup as you like!

itadakimashu! & gochisousama! 

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It has been VERY VERY hot here in Japan.

Today, the temperature reads 38 degrees centigrade indoors…wow!

This heat could melt me! All I could do is just razearound in my house.

However, I wonder why I can shape up…why??? Anyway, I went to a japanese tea ceremony, and I felt refreshed during the tea ceremony.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-09 21.50.37











Today’s interior decoration for the ceremony ; a hanging scroll, the Flowers of the season, and the Japanese-style confectionery.  take care….

スクリーンショット 2013-07-09 21.50.49

スクリーンショット 2013-07-09 21.51.28スクリーンショット 2013-07-09 22.19.03スクリーンショット 2013-07-09 21.51.00

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Today is also rainy…how are you?

Start from the same topic of the last time; the japanese-style confectioneries for summer.

In this time, I will introduce another manju for summer…This is Kudzu-Manju. Kudzu is the Japanese arrowroot. It has very nice texture in my mouth like a hard jelly. it also taste better if you chill it in the refrigerator.

スクリーンショット 2013-06-07 13.32.32

Depending on the stuffed bean pastes, the manju colors are changed!










スクリーンショット 2013-06-14 13.27.49

スクリーンショット 2013-06-14 13.27.16

スクリーンショット 2013-06-14 13.28.49

スクリーンショット 2013-06-14 13.28.27

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The typhoon is coming here in Japan, so all is damp, but it is cool and confortable today for this time.

Japanese people love several things that are appropriate for the time of year. The japanese -style confectioneries are one of them.

Today, I will introduce some of them for June.

スクリーンショット 2013-06-07 13.31.58This is Namafu-Manju wrapped with a bamboo grass. It’ll taste better if you chill it in the refrigerator.

Manju is a Japanese steamed bun stuffed with red bean paste, and Namafu is a food made of wheat gluten.

It is seasonal specialty thing…hope you can eat it someday!]

take care!





スクリーンショット 2013-06-07 13.32.07

スクリーンショット 2013-06-07 13.32.18

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I can say all most Japanese kids love the beverage; CALPICO.

スクリーンショット 2013-06-06 13.39.18

In JAPAN, thay are sell as the “CALPIS” , the maker is Calpis Co., Ltd., but the pronounce is to have trouble in doing something, so thay are probably sell as “CALPICO” in your country.

Anyway, today I made the jelly with the CALPICO. It is very easy and delicious, so try it if you are interested in it!

スクリーンショット 2013-06-06 13.56.02

ingredients( for 3-4 cups):

milk… 200cc ( about a little less than 1 cup)

CALPICO…80 cc ( about 2/3 cup)

gelatine… 5 g ( dissolve with the hot water 50 cc; about a little more than 1/3 cup)

lemon juice… 1 table spoon

How to make

1, Stir boiling water and the gelatin in a small bowl for at least two minutes, until completely dissolved. (In practice, it may not quite completely dissolve.) the geletine with the hot water.

2, mix the milk and the CALPICO in another bowl, then pour the dissolved gelatin into the bowl.

3, add the lemon juice into the bowl, then stir well.

4, Pour  3 into the mold(s), and keep the jelly cool in the refrigerator about for 2 hour until they set.

That’s all!!

Change the ingredients to the suitable amount as you like, once you are used to it.

take care!

itadakimashu! & gochisousama!

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