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I felt the sign of Autumn recently but it has been hot and humid again like summer since yeaterday. It is hard to adapt to the sudden change in weather and temperature. That makes us vulnerable. We should eat well to beat the summer heat again at very such time.

This recipe is the delicious Japanese home cooking dish. Do you eat pork meat? If you are interested in it, please try it!


Ingredients (about for 4 portions):

Sliced pork loin…400g

A: grated ginger…2 cloves of

A: soy sauce…4Tbsp

A: sweet sake(mirin) or white wine…3Tbsp

A: cooking oil…1Tbsp

Cabbage julienne strips, tomatos, or your favorite vegetables…as you like




How to make:

1, Arrange porl loins on rectangle tray, add A and marine, and leave them for 15min. The time length depends on the thickness of the pork.









2, Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan, and lay the marinade pork and cook. Pour the rest of A over the pan. Turning the meat and heat through and turn in the sauce so they are coated.










3, Arrange pork and vegetables…for example , thinly sliced cabbage into bowls, cut cabbage thinly as it goes well with the pork.






That’s all! Easy, isn’t it?

You can use this recipe in other pork meat!



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