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Have you ever eaten japanese confectionery DANGO?

We have many kinds of  tastes in sweet DANGO, but the most popular one is “Mitarashi” flavor…using soy sauce and sugar…it is very japanese taste!

I think Japanese sweets store never use tofu in making the mitarashi  DANGO, but I made it.  This sweet tofu DANGO is as good as normal DANGO, so try it!


Ingredients ( about 24 balls):

gultainous rice flour…120g

rice flour…80g

silken tofu…250-280g

A:soy sauce…30cc( 1oz)



A:sweet sake “mirin”( if you can get it )…1Tbsp

A:potato starch…1Tbsp




How to make:

1, In a bawl, mix the flour and 250g of tofu well until the dough becomes as soft as an earlobe. When it is still hard, add tofu more little by little.







2, divide the dough into small pieces of the same size, and form them into shapes of small balls.






3, heat water in a pan and add the balls when it is at a boil. After adding the balls, stir the pan and wait until they float. When all the balls have floated, boil 2 minutes more to make sure, then remove them from the pan and cool them in cold water in a very short time, and drain them immediately.






4, make sauce( we call it “ mitarashi-sauce” in Japanese); mix all A ingredients in a small pan, heat it on a low heat until a little boiled.






5, pour the sauce over DANGO. If you would like, you should  brown DANGO a little in a frying pan before poring the sauce over them.


1itadakimashu! & gochisousama!

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