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“We often have unusual weather this summer in Japan.”


Everyone’s saying it almost everyday and everywhere recently because unfortunately there were heavy rain from typhoons and many heavy thundery rain throughout Japan. In addition, tornados caused damage in many areas around Kanto region; Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, and Gunma prefectures a few days ago.















The report of Japan Meteorological Agency says that there are a few damages all around Japan every year, but the damages were sot so enormous so far, and we have heard the tornado damage in the United States, so we were not so serious about the tornado compering with the U.S. damages’. However, the recent damages by tornados gave a shock and experiencing a sudden sense of danger to Japanese people, this tornado problem is getting recognized as a serious one.

Are these damages caused by unusual weather in Japan? I suppose we could say that, and also we could not say that. Isn’t there freakish weather in your country? I suppose there might be freakish weather in many countries around the world.

Anyway, because I do not have a knowledge and skill of the discussion about the environmental topics here, I want to tell this.

In Japan, from September to around the end of October, many typhoons are approaching because of autumn rain front. Because of the rain front, the state of air becomes unstable and it causes Typhoons, Heavy Rain, Thundery Rain, and Tornados…in short, there is a sign of the approach of autumn, although it has been still hot and humid.

Autumn is the season I like best in Japan. Have you been to Japan in Autumn? It is getting cool and confortable from around Oct. 10th, so if you have a chance, please visit to Japan at the season!


I will introduce  about autumn in Japan to you later!

have a nice day!




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