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Corn silk is chinese medicine herb: it works high water metabolism and lower blood cholesterol levels. Corn kernels and tear grass help digest food and have diuretic effect. By the way, the number of corn silks and the number of the kernels are same! Do you know that? When you buy whole corns, I hope it will be helpful to you!


Ingredient ( about 4 portions)

Ordinary rice…1cup

Corn kernels…if you can get fresh a whole corn, the corn silk is used…1cup

Chicken tenderloin…1

tear grass(job’s grass)…50g

Hot water…about a little more than 2cup

Sake…1 Tbsp( you can use white wine if you cannot get sake)

Olive oil…1 Tbsp


coarsely ground black pepper…a dash of

perilla(Japanese herb like basils)…as you like

How to make:


1. Soak the tear grass in water for 1 night.

2. Cut the corn silk except the brown part into 1 inch length, remove the kernels from the corncob when you get a fresh corn. String the chicken if there are, cut it into bite-size pieces, then sprinkle sake or white wine over the chicken and mix.


3. Heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat, add the corn silk and kernels, stir fry. When there is pleasant aroma, add rice and stir fry them until the rice color gets like clear.


4. Add chicken, tear grass, and hot water, cook them over medium heat until soften. Put salt into a pan to enhance the flavor.


5. Sprinkle black pepper and add perilla if you would like…


That’s all!  have a nice day!

Itadakimasu ! & Gochisousama!

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